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If you know me in "real life" you will know how big it is for me to quit sugar. Sugar is what keeps me going. It fuels my rants, is responsible for adding that extra 'pep' to my manic outbursts. It adds a little colour and sunshine into my day. There is probably more sugar in my arteries than blood (though it's probably pretty neck and neck with the caffeine- I am quite the picture of health). Asking me to quit sugar is like asking a heroin addict to stop well doing heroin...

BUT here I am. On day one of no sugar. How did this happen? Frankly I blame that witch Sarah Wilson. She just made so much goddamn sense bitch. I couldn't ignore it. It all started with some morbid curiosity, I was reading Blundermum's blog - which is quite good BTW and I saw her little stat counter at the bottom which said "I've Lost 13kgs by Quitting Sugar". 13kgs you say? That's very impressive- naturally I wanted to know more. Further stalking investigation revealed that she is following Sarah Wilson's Quit Sugar in 8 weeks program. So of course I couldn't stop there- I had to follow the rabbit down the hole.

$15 later and I am opening up the Quit Sugar in 8 Weeks Guide- ready to scoff and ridicule and completely reject the whole idea as nonsense. Ready to continue on the way I am, feeling validated and secure in my life choices.  Except I didn't. Instead I started to relate to what was being said:

Never knowing when to stop eating sugar- check
Slim arms and legs with a massive spare tire around the middle - check
Not sleeping well- check
Aches, pains and inflammation- check
Moody and anxious- check

Oh crap- she's describing me! I read on with a slightly more open mind until by the end I am completely converted and have no option  but to shop for all the ingredients on the shopping list and get rid of all the sugar in the house. Yep that's right, if I'm going down, I'm taking them down with me.

I am looking forward to a new sugar free me. To the day when I can say- chocolate? Oh no thanks I'd rather not - and actually mean it! I am taking my life back. I will not be ruled any longer by my sugar addiction and if I happen to lose a sneaky 13kgs along the way- well I won't object. Apparently this also means giving up fruit and honey and sweeteners...I am not giving up my daily diet coke though- not for anyone. Let's not get crazy here...

Have you quit something you never thought you would? How did it go?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there
    WOW congratulations and good luck!
    There is another blogger doing it right now too that you can set up linkies about it. I am just about to to try and find her name for you.
    OK I'll get it to you because Twitter doesn't want to play. It's called laced with sugar or something....Ill be back soon. Kisses to you all I have had to much valium,it;s in my eyeballs it feels like would you believe?I have really found out what dosed up to your eyeballs means! Love love love xxx

  2. Good luck!

    I'm not a sugar addict but if someone tried to take away my salt? EEEEEEEK!!! Couldn't do it.

  3. Beck Says:

    Good Luck, I'm thinking it is something I am going to have to look at doing soon. I two am very much described in the book.

    And 13kg, that would be great!

  4. Will be interested to see how you go on this! I've heard so much about it and it sounds like you do feel totally amazing afterwards, but I can't quite make the leap just yet!

  5. I gave up sugar during the last school holidays. This was a big, BIG mistake in terms of timing. I can see that now. I know I should try it again... everyone who gets through that initial headachy/cranky pants/withdrawal phase raves about the benefits and they look great. Maybe I should try again (but keeping the caffeine, obviously) Good luck!! :)

  6. Rhia Says:

    Thanks Guys. I am 5 days in and going well so far. Will do a post on it at the end of the week. Frankly I am a little surprised that I am actually still sticking with it...

  7. Bee Says:

    Good luck! I have tried several times and failed. I have PCOS and my body just goes nuts when I quit and craves carbs and fats like crazy. Not good for me. So I just keep plugging along at Weight Watchers and try and make better choices instead.

  8. Rhia Says:

    Thanks Bee. I weighed in on Sunday and 1.3kgs down- yay! Weight watchers has worked for me in the past too. I think it is great and really lifestyle friendly.

  9. I had addiction problem with coffee, but somehow managed to give it up. Feel so better now.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, I have stopped the sugar thing as of yesterday and man o man its hard!!! Did not realize that there is sugar in soooo many foods..it now takes ages to do the shopping BUT learning heaps. My naturpath calls sugar "the devils crystals!1" I though she was exaggerating, but as I read more I do believe she may be right!!!!