Now that my shoe crisis has been averted (fingers crossed), I am trying to cleverly put together my perfect wedding day look (without breaking the bank). Budget is important to us- as we haven't yet fulfilled our life ambition of winning lotto, but since I am a bit of a princess the right look  probably takes priority.

As my dress (which cannot be pictured as FI has been known to drop by and read this from time to time- Hi Honey) has a sweetheart neckline (it's ok- he doesn't know what that means) and I have decided against a necklace, this has left me with only having to find earrings and a bracelet for my bridal jewellery.

image via diva.net.au
I found the earrings sometime back on eBay and I have to say they are pretty special- gorgeous crystal drop earrings with a slight vintage feel AND only $19.99. This left me pondering the bracelet. I have been umming and ahh-ing over a few styles and today decided on something a little different. It will be my only "splash of colour" and my something blue...

It is very different to what I thought of going with but I do love the idea of a tiny bit of colour- especially considering everything else is varying shades of cream. I also loved the price - another $19.99.

Now I just need to work on something old and borrowed... Any ideas?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    depending on how you are doing your hair thaere are awesome vintage hairpins for something old or borrowed? Is that your jewellry finalised? Iknow a lady that has a bit of jewellery and some awesome vintage stuff she doesn't let anyone know about. You might have that sorted though. Beautiful Bracelet by the way! I still wear my necklace all the time.
    What about a borrowed song (very My best friends wedding)

  2. Ooh that's a good idea. But we have already asked the musicians to learn a song for the ceremony and asked the band to learn a specific song for our first dance. Nicely of course- I am high maintenance but defintely not Bridezilla. I just want to keep the jewellery simple so it is just the bracelet and earrings. I have a vintage inspired head piece to wear- photo not shown as I want him to be surprised :-)