Remember when you were a kid? How much did you love yourself a birthday party? Games, junk food, music- what's not to love? We used to have so much fun and that was when kids parties were nothing more than some fairy bread and a pass the parcel or maybe a pin the tale on the donkey. Ahh simpler times...

MM's party is this weekend and will consist of a Cars2 theme (and just so you are also in 'the know' Cars2 is very different to Cars and you do get told off for mixing them up). This means that there will be Cars2 'scene setters' everywhere (read- large posters of Cars2 characters), checkered (like race flags) table cloths, rediculously overpriced Cars2 party gear such as plates, cups, party hats etc. Even the bouncy castle has Cars characters on it (this could be an issue as they have not yet made a Cars2 bouncy castle). There will also be face painting and a giant 3D cake.

I have been planning his party for a few weeks now but in my usual fashion have left the menu planning (if you can call it that for a kids birthday) to the absolute last second. I was thinking 'kids birthday- easy we'll have some sausage rolls and party pies and maybe chocolate crackles and fairy bread. Done. Easy.' But then I thought about it. Can you really get away with that these days? I think of all the different kinds of parenting out there now and then there are the allergies. What about the kids who aren't allowed to eat junk food? Or are Gluten or Dairy free? I am I supposed to cater to these kids too? Should I have put out a 'Dietry Requirements?' card with the invitations?

I feel like I am walking through a minefield here. HELP!!

What do you do for food at a kids party? Are the classics still ok? Or are there new rules?

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  1. Don't over think it. Classic simple party food and games. It never goes out of fashion. Remember they are just kids and they just want to have fun :-)

  2. Oh thank goodness for that. You just never know these days..

  3. SportyMummy Says:

    I loved reading your post and I have the same problem each year X 3!! I want to make it great for them so that they feel special...but I don't want too much hard work or $$$$$ either!

  4. Thanks SportyMummy. By the time I have 3 of these a year to plan, MM will be telling his brothers and sisters about "the good old days" when he used to have "themes" and bouncy castles and mum made a cool cake lol.

  5. Mrs Savage Says:

    I feel your pain. I've only done three birthday parties but so far they've been very low key, just party food and family - I am bracing myself for the school years!

  6. Bee Says:

    My thought process with this sort of thing is this: If the invited kids have allergies than it's up the parent to contact you well before the party to let you know. It's dangerous and irresponsible for them to just rock up without warning you, and most parents of kids with allergies are very good about warning people of them. Another thing, parents who don't want their kids to eat junk food at a party likely won't accept the party invitation, and again it's up to them to discuss it with you well before the party time. I would maybe stick out a fruit and veggie stick platter just to appease them, but don't break your neck trying to please everyone. It's a party and party food is sometimes food. Hope it went smoothly for you.

  7. Rhia Says:

    Thanks Bee. It did all go smoothly thank goodness. I followed everyones advice and when down the classic party food and a few healthy choices to "appease" anyone who may prefer their children weren't loaded on junk.