Do you ever categorise your memories or experiences? This may sound like an odd question but when I think back to my past and my childhood in particular, I tend to associate my memories of certain times with the weather.

For instance up until I was four I was such a happy little girl. All I wanted was to be told that I was pretty and also to grow up and be a ballerina. My nana and grandad took me to the circus (which to be honest I can't actually remember the circus part- just that I thought acrobats were THE most amazing people ever) and my favourite toy was a A.L.F. doll that said "be there or be square" on demand. I was cherished and doted on and weirdly all my memories of this time of my life are "sunny". I don't mean sunny as in 'Sunny disposition' I  mean actually sun shining with blue skies etc. Now I know that the chances of there not being a single rainy day in four years are slim, but I can't actually remember one.

From the age of 5 to 14 was a different story. These memories are dark skies, cloudy and overcast.This was probably one of the most lonely times of my life. I was isolated from all of those that had led me to believe that I was a little princess and special. Instead I was alone and scared and never quite living up to the expected standard. I became shy and withdrawn and the little girl who used to cry 'look at me- watch me twirl' seemed lost to me forever. Now, I am sure that despite Victoria being known for it's dreary weather- there must have been a sunny day in there somewhere- just not in my memories.

I do find our brains to be the most remarkable of  organs. Capable of manipulating our memories and our realities. I do not know exactly why my brain has chosen the weather- I just hope with everything I have, that the forecast is sunny.

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