If you are a foodie then look away- this may hurt your soul. IF however you are like me and need to prepare low calorie meals (for yourself) that a grown man and a toddler will both enjoy then please, keep reading...

This happened a little bit by accident one day when we decided we wanted pizza but the toppings were slim. The best inventions are often by accident though aren't they? It may sound like an odd combination and I'll admit- it is a little quirky, but it works. This is now a firm favourite in our household.

Pepperoni and Pickled Onion Pita Pizza:

Wholemeal Pita as the base
Legos BBQ sauce for Pizza
Pepperoni Salami 25g (per pizza)
Green Capsicum
Sliced Mushrooms
Pickled onion
Grated Cheese

Pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees (celcius)
Spread the Pita with a tablespoon of the BBQ sauce
Top with chopped Capsicum, sliced mushroom, chopped pickled onions and pepperoni.
Cover with a sprinkle of grated cheese.
Bake on a pizza stone (for best results) until cheese is golden.

TIP: make sure pickled onion is chopped small and evenly distributed.

Also MM doesn't like anything "spikey" so we use shaved chicken breast on his:

It really is delicious and is an awesome alternative to take-away. MM loves Pizza Night and I love the fact that it only takes 5 mins to prepare. It gets rave reviews from FI too and he is always looking around for more :-)

I also love that it is relatively guilt free. It is about 409 calories per pizza as described but on days where I need to lower the calories I just use less cheese or pepperoni. Low fat cheese is also an option on low cal days.

What crazy recipes do your kids love?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love pickled onions I really do and I suppose if you can have capers on a pizza you can have picked onions but would Peter piper had to have picked them for the pizza. Oh sorry wait, that was peppers

  2. I never have been able to get my head around that one lol