So lovelies, I am back! And now I am married. If you happened to notice (or not- that's ok too) my absence in April it was because I was off to Bali (magical place that it is) to get married and have my honeymoon - if you can call a holiday with a three year old tyrant-in-training a honeymoon.

Now I am obviously still new at this blogging business as I very stupidly left all the photography of the trip up to others- and am now still waiting on photos to share with you all- especially of the all important wedding. The wait is nearly over though- I should have some up over the weekend along with the *wedding video* - see don't say I don't deliver :p ...

In the mean time I can share a couple of happy snaps from the holiday portion of our trip...

Fun was had by everyone...
As you can see we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. How relaxed do we look? I am fairly sure that those pretty coloured cocktails had an awful lot to do with that :-)

We also had some notable wildlife encounters... (Don't worry none of these were just 'roaming around' or anything.

Yep that is what it looks like...
Can you believe that elephant statue. Obviously I am all 'mature and shit' now that I'm married as I totally lost it laughing over that statue. This is what you are greeted with upon entering the Elephant Park in Taro. I am sure it has made for some pretty awkward family convo's over the years. We told MM they were 'playing'... We have some more cool pics with animals to come - I actually got to hold a baby Orangutan, which was totally amazing!

Well I just wanted to check in and say hi. I've missed the blog and am glad to be back! Stay tuned for the wedding pics and video next week.

P.S. Have you ever been blind sighted at a wildlife park and ended up in a 'sex' talk you had no idea you would have to have? Believe it or not this is not my first rodeo. Once at the Perth Zoo MM and I were confronted by a Baboon with a massive boner... Awkward!
8 Responses
  1. It isn't a real honeymoon without a statue of humping elephants! I laughed too :-) Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday!

  2. Ai Sakura Says:

    Congrats congrats! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your wedding photos! It's so close but I've never been to Bali actually haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Rhia Says:

    Ai, you totally have to make the trip - it is divine!! I never wanted to come home.

    Bree, a honeymoon is supposed to be about sex right? Lol no one told me that's how I should expect it.

  4. carmen Says:

    Looks like quite an eventful time! Yay!

  5. Hi, my first visit here, following you from FYBF. Um, yeah, that baboon moment sounds real awkward! Nice to 'meet' you and congrats on your marriage.

  6. Rhia Says:

    Hi Kylie thanks for the follow and the well wishes. Nice to meet you too.

    Hi Carmen, it was eventful to say the least! Weird being back to usual hum drum now after so much excitement tho ...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Look at you! all married and grown up like! I had the sex talk occasion with some turtles at a Melbourne zoo. I was asked "why is everyone laughing when they walk past these turtles Mum? What are they doing?"
    "Practicing jumping" I said "It's so cute it's funny" COP OUT!
    I hope your transition back to real life hasn't been too hard. So wish I was there sharing those colourful cocktails xxxx

  8. Rhia Says:

    Hi K- glad to know I am not the only one that animals like getting sexy in front of (was starting to worry what that said about me lol).