MM's birthday is just around the corner now and I (being the awesome mummy that I am) am trying to get these Cars 2 face painting characters down...

Friday, on the way home from work I think ok this is my chance. I'll pin MM down and practice. He promptly falls asleep on the way home from daycare (this NEVER happens BTW) and I am stuck with my hand and the inside of my left arm as a canvas.

Oh Dear. It's not quite as easy as I thought. A glass of wine and 20 mins later this is what I've come up with:

It turns out that facepaint is harder to work with than makeup. It was also much easier with a pencil and paper. This leaves me wondering if it's ok to scream at three year olds "it's Mater cos I say it's Mater". Oh Boy.

Why am I doing this again??

Oh yeah... that's right. I mean really, could you say no to that face??

4 Responses
  1. Bee Says:

    Ugh, I have the artistic skills of a fish. I think if one of mine insisted on face painting at their party I would have to suck it up and pay for someone professional to come and do it for me! Yours are awesome though, I could easily tell who they were and I bet the little ones will be very happy with their artwork!

  2. Yeah- that was my original plan but MM wanted them to paint Cars characters and I couldn't find anyone who could... Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will just have to remember that they are 3 year olds and not art critics lol.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I see what you mean. Impossible to say no to that cute face! I think they look pretty cool! Just blame it on them moving if there is trouble.I thinkyou pretty much nailed it. What about cutting a coupleof stencils for the outline to make it faster? Your blog is looking pretty flashy by the way ! xx

  4. Stencils may just work. Lol one of my sister in laws suggested face tattoos/transfers. You can tell she is a veteran. I didn't even think of that.