Just got my lovely little reminder from project wedding that I have 75 days to go until the big day. This makes me smile on the inside- I am so excited for this wedding. It is going to be amazing. Now if you haven't figured it out by my blog handle- it is going to be in Bali.

OMG I can't wait!!! It will be so nice to have all of our friends and family together in the one place AND in holiday mode. I think that makes all the difference- no work or other time pressures. Just sunshine and cocktails he he. I have actually taken my obsession  to the extreme and stalked out a few other couples that had their wedding at our location and WOW. Their photos are fab. I am already picturing similar wedding photos (obviously with my own family's gorgeous faces over theirs) hanging on our walls.

Dum Dum de Dum.... Ahhh dream land my old friend.

Here are some pics of the venue so you can daydream along with me :-)

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