My engagement ring had a makeover recently. And to be clear it was a MAKEOVER not an UPGRADE (given that we are not even married yet). When we were shopping for our wedding rings recently I was having trouble finding a wedding band that would match my ring. I took it to a few jewellers who were all of the same opinion that my setting was not the most secure and that if it got snagged on something I may lose the diamond.

After discussing this at length FI and I decided to get the diamond re-set. My gorgeous man then decided that if we were going to do it anyway then I may as well have the setting of my dreams. So after months of research (BTW Ring Porn is fabulous) I decided on one and away we went. I just picked up the ring last week and OMG it is so sparkly. I feel like a magpie transfixed by something shiny.

It is really hard to get photos of but here are a couple of iphone snaps:

This in no way does my ring any justice whatsoever but you get the gist. I just LOVE it :-) I think it is the best princess halo I have ever seen and NO I am not biased at all lol.