I have had my frst wakeup call as to how easy it is blow the 1200 calories right out of the water. Last night I had some fairly depressing family news and I did the whole emotional eating thing again. Granted there is no junk in the house so it ended up being a milo with hilo milk (I know, decadent right?) and weight watchers cookies. Could have been worse but I ended up 400+ calories over target. I didn't actually know how bad it was until now as I only just entered it into the diary.

I have learned my lesson. No more food before I know EXACTLY how many calories I am spending so I don't go over budget. Yesterday sucked. But it is over now and today I am doing well. On target with the food and have already burned 452 cals before work (doing my "essercising" as MM says). Yeah- look at me go!!