So here I am. Another blogger in the vast sea of blogging. Really, I am just looking for an outlet- a release, a safe place to put all the crazy. Lol I mean is there a safer place than on the internet?

So let me just preface this blog by letting you know (and very cleverly lowering your expectations) that I am no one special, nothing out of the ordinary. Just another 20 something mum, full time employee, part time business owner, part time uni student, fiance, friend, sister and now blogger. Re-reading that last sentence it does sound like I have a lot on my plate- but that is just the way of the world these days isn't it? One is expected to accomplish so much in so little time that it rarely offers you any other options than to pile the plate high and hope to hell you don't drop everything (least of all your sanity).

I can't really know what this blog will be about just yet. I guess it will just take on it's own form when the time is right. Meanwhile I'll just write about life and if anyone reads it, I'll  be grateful that I am not some crazy chic talking to herself :-)

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