Yeah, Whoo hoo!!! I am celebrating (in case it isn't obvious) because I have done the first week of the eight week challenge- and I am KICKING THIS CHALLENGE'S BUTT!! I have lost 1.4kgs (3.1lbs for the metric impaired) this week.

I was right about the grumpy- I was definitely grumpy smurf in our house this week-  but come on, I was HUNGRY and I felt as though I had been repeatedly run over. I have muscles in places I didn't know existed. YOUCH!

I did it though. I made it. I am a SURVIVOR lol. To be fair I am not exactly an exercise enthusiast just yet (at one point I kept the HRM on whilst we were "you know" just so it counted and I also threw my back out doing a simple stretch yesterday) but I am on my way...