I am experiencing the mother of all come downs. I was on a massive adrenalin high and now nothing. I've gone cold turkey off the good stuff and I have no idea what to do with myself. My wedding took over 12 months to plan- this equals 12 months of obsessing thinking about every little detail from dresses to stationary to music and now it is over.

In the three weeks since I have been married I have come up with a number of new plans to occupy myself and perhaps give myself a little hit of adrenalin... These have included but are not limited to redecorating the house, having another baby and (and this was my favourite of all favourites) buy a villa in Bali and relocate the family. Unfortunately all of these options have been vetoed by my new husband (although he did allow me one room of the house as a 'compromise').

How long does it take to get back to normal? If this goes on much longer I have been advised that we will make Kim Kardashian look like the poster child for long marriages- I am driving him crazy!

If you wanna re-live my glory days with me the photo's are here - My wedding photo's

This is my first time joining in with Jess from the Diary of a SAHM's
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  1. Grace Says:

    How about we just both get that villa in Bali together ? Doesn't sound at all like something the Kardashians would do :)

  2. Rhia Says:

    Ha ha sounds good Grace. I am totally up for it :-)

  3. Hi Grace, yep it's hard coming back down to earth after something so exciting. I tend to get the post-Christmas blues every year for example.

    When I feel like this, I remind myself that "what goes up must come down" and things will look better very soon ...

  4. I remember feeling that way a little bit after we got married. It's a pity the day doesn't last longer!

    Thanks so much for linking today! Lovely to have you :)

  5. Chantel Says:

    I definitely remember that feeling. I think you are right to look ahead. Make some plans and have some goals. Weddings are all consuming, you will have so much energy to refocus - enjoy the possibilities!


  6. Sif Dal Says:

    My wedding was tiny (just me, him, and three witnesses). We told our families after the fact - it was better that way. So, I didn't have the come down afterwards, but I have had that feeling after other big events (finishing degrees, having babies). You put so much of yourself and your energy into a project that when it's over there is a bit of a mourning period. Finding another project is a great antidote, though!

  7. Rhia Says:

    Thanks Footprints - I get the mini- blues after Christmas too. Then again I still count down like a 5 year old lolz.

  8. Rhia Says:

    Thanks Jess. It was great to link up today - long time reader, first time linker :-)

    Thanks Chantel - you are right about the plan. I just need to focus on finding one that my husband approves of. I'll keep working on it, it may be distracting enough in itself..

    Sif, we almost did the eloping thing but thought against it in the end- I think I was too attached to the wedding. I think your right and I just need to grieve and move on :-)

    Thanks everone for dropping by xxx