This morning I was woken with a very lovely "Morning Mummy, I love you". This instantly brought a smile to my face (which if you've ever seen me first thing minus the caffeine hit is no mean feat). I enthusiastically roll over to see my little darling who is climbing up onto my pillows.

He looks down at my cleavage which is not so modestly covered by my singlet top (I was sleeping- I don't just get around like that) and he says "Are they ya boobies?" pointing to my boobs.

"Umm well yes" I say hesitantly, wondering why the sudden interest.

"Are they a bit wobbly?" he asks - highly interested in my answer.

"Err... well umm maybe a little bit" I say..

"No Mummy, Not a little bit- they wobble fast"

And with that little titbit (sorry I couldn't resist a lame pun), he was running out of the room and leaving me to wonder what else I've got that wobbles.

What have your kids said that made you wonder if their sole purpose in life was to say things that make you cringe?