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When I called the dance studio yesterday morning the instructor kindly informed me that "oHHHHH You have left it awfully late, but I guess we can see what we can do..." This naturally pumped up my tyres and I took myself and my oodles of confidence (along with FI of course)  to the dance lesson that evening.

Let me just say now that my visions of wowing our guests with our Dancing with the Stars worthy performance have faded and in their place are lovely images of us shuffling around with me saying every two minutes "shit that was supposed to be my other leg first" or "Oh Crap I was supposed to turn then wasn't I?". Or even both of us just dancing into the wall because we didn't think it through and started in the wrong place. Either way I am sure it will be very graceful and elegant and simply scream romance. I mean after all what is more romantic than two people gritting their teeth with pained looks on their faces, muttering "walk, walk, side, together, step, turn close..."? Nothing I am sure.

Just think what we'll be capable of after our final two lessons!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm sure it will be beautiful! The dance will be full of love. HOwcan it not be?

  2. Emily Says:

    Too funny! I hope it all works out for you and is fun rather than work. We didn't have dance lessons - I wanted to do the chicken dance and hubby didn't want to dance at all. So we danced for the first verse of our chosen song then went and hauled the rest of our friends up there with us.

  3. Rhia Says:

    Ha ha the chicken dance is probably much more our speed- maybe I'll suggest a switch at the next lesson...

  4. I can't dance. I wiggle a bit, but I spend a lot of time stepping on my own feet, so I have a real fear of dragging another person into my dancing (flailing)! Hope it gets easier for you! Maybe I could dance now if I wasn't "sick" so often when we had lessons at school?

    Popping over from FYBF. :-)

  5. Rhia Says:

    Hi Cassandra- thanks for dropping by. We have had 2 lessons now and already we are much improved. Hopefully it actually starts looking like a dance soon. Tonight is our final lesson, after this it is up to us... Scary!